Welcome to Hoppe Natural Beef!
Your source for purchasing beef by the quarter, half or whole!

We are a family owned and operated century farm in Central Minnesota. Our herd consists mostly of Black and Red Angus. We sell our beef by the quarter, half or whole.

Our cow/calf combinations graze the pasture until the late fall and are comfortably bedded for the winter months.  During winter the cattle are fed corn silage and meadow hay. To clarify, corn silage is not the separated grain corn (corn kernel removed from the plant and fed alone) used in corn-fed or grain-fed beef feed lots. Corn silage is made from the entire corn plant which includes stalk, leaves and the whole ear creating a healthy forage. This combination of meadow hay and corn silage provides the extra calories and energy needed by the animals to stay warm and healthy during our cold Minnesota winters and is also used to finish our steers and heifers. Hoppe Natural Beef is lower in calories and saturated fats making it a much healthier alternative to the fattier straight corn finished beef.

We are committed to maintaining the most stress free environment possible for our cattle. When not roaming the pastures, the cattle are provided with comfortable, dry bedding in shelters protecting them from the elements along with the freedom and space to move about in the open air cow-yard. No growth hormones or steroids are given…ever.  Locally raised plus naturally fed equals peace of mind for you.