Welcome to Hoppe Natural Beef!

Multiple times a year we have beef quarters available. You can contact us any time to check on availablity and request a quarter, half or whole. Your email address will be kept confidential and never sold or shared with any third party.

We have our processing done at New Munich Meats in New Munich, MN.

New Munich Meats Processing fees:

  • 55 cents/pound
  • 20 cents/pound grinding fee (for hamburger)
  • Optional 30 cents/pound for vacuum packaging
  • $8.75/quarter slaughter fee

Hoppe Natural beef price will vary according to the market price.  Your beef payment total is determined by multiplying the hanging weight x our price as that time. The price is subject to change with the market values.

Here's a sample situation for a mixed quarter (mix of cuts from both the rear & front side of beef). Remember this is just a sample; weights can vary per animal thus changing the amount of meat.

Hanging Weight = 170
Beef Price 170 x $2.50 = $425.00
Processing for this situation = approx. $110

  • hamburger = 65 lbs.
  • roasts = 6 - 3 or 4 lbs. each
  • T-bone steaks = 8 (3/4 inch cut)
  • rib eye steaks= 10 (3/4 inch cut)
  • tenderloins = 4
  • vacuum packaging = no

*There would have been round steaks and sirloin steaks also, but this customer chose to have them processed as hamburger instead. Adding summer sausage or hot dogs will, of course, change the above amounts.
**All prices and amounts are subject to change.

Do the math. You definitely get more bang for your buck by buying a quarter instead of purchasing your meat weekly. You get health benefits AND you save money...how can you go wrong?

Ready to order? Contact us by phone or email to order your 1/4, 1/2 or whole!